Client And Vendor Center

All client details and correspondence are at your fingertips. All the information required to deliver the service you promise.
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A Record Of All Communication, With Every Client

Know Who Last Contacted

Every email, internal note and detail, for each client, is in one shared place for your team. Know who last contacted a client, what was said and when that was.Everything is searchable, so when a client calls you will instantly know where things stand. 

Automate Client Data- Collection With Client Tasks And Auto- Reminders

Let Wispa do all of the chasing for you by automating client requests and reminders. Clients become part of your workflow, so they know exactly what they need to action and you know what you are still waiting on. The moment a client sends documents and comments, you are notified right where you need them.

Client Management Features

Client Portal

Collaborate with clients in one streamlined workflow with tasks and document sharing.


Stop chasing clients for missing information.Wispa sends task reminders for you.

Kanban Board

View and optimize all of the jobs going on across your team.


All client conversations in one place. Email, sms, whatsApp and Slack.

Activity Timelines

Shared history of emails, notes, tasks and activity relating to any job or client.

Integrated Email

Every email between your client and anyone on your team, in one single place.

Client Groups

Manage people and organizations that are related by ownership or financial structure.

Template Responses

Whether you have teams from all over the world. Keep all your communication.

Shared Contacts

Work together on clients with all contact details, work and communication in one place.

Third-Party Integrations

Share data between Karbon and other systems to keep everything up-to-date.

Document Storage

Files and documents automatically stored and organized against clients and jobs.

Video Conferencing

End to End Encryption, recording, chat and file uploads.

Contact Types

Customizable database categories for clients, prospects, suppliers or anyone else.


Included in Wispa. Dashboard tracking of unsigned documents. Nothing falls through the cracks.


Digital agendas with timers, record actions, decisions and notes. Automatically track incomplete assigned work and send out the recorded minutes instantly.

Project Management

Doing larger projects with client. Get the client totally engaged and visible .

Accountable Focused Meeting Agendas

Stop having wasted meetings that go nowhere; Wispa Meetings have focused agendas, track and follow up incomplete tasks and automatically send out the minutes to all participants.